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The Smart Dowel Support System

Sustainable, Resistant, Convenient

Concrete Pavements Is What We Do Best

Elevate your construction with our

Smart Dowel Support System – the eco-savy choice that cuts costs and emissions without compromising on quality and affordability.

The WeConcrete Dowel Basket

Designed with HighTech MFG & Design with a genuine commitment to creating sustainable and innovative products.

Eco Friendly 100% Recycled Plastics

NanoTech Super Strength Additive

Resistant and 

High-Impact Copolymer


Traditional Steel Dowel Baskets VS 

EcoBasket Supports

SteelBasket Disadvantages:


50% Higher Transport & Storage Costs 

260% More Carbon Emissions Produced

10% Increase Cost Per Unit 

EcoBasket The Sustainable Cost-Effective Solution


The Smart Solution

Dowel Basket Support for transfer loading systems

Dowel Basket Support is the best solution for transfer loading systems, designed for construction joints applications in concrete slabs and pavements.

Grow Your Vision

If you have any project please contact with us

Aerial View of Curved Road


WeConcrete is a North America based design and Manufacturing company, that aims to develop the most innovative & EcoFriendly products that will revolutionize the construction industry.

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